The CEDAR log file is the top-level event log of a test session. Some task-specific events are listed in the CEDAR log as stub events that are not given an event number – these events are further described in relevant Cedar Task logs (see Cedar Task Logs documentation, for example the COMMS Log File Guide for the COMMS Task).


Accessing Log Files

Cedar log file access methods differ for each supported platform:


  • Log files can be accessed in the internal memory of the Android device, in a folder called CEDAR, in the subfolder DATA.



Event Log Types

Cedar event log types fall into two categories:

Brief Events

Brief events are listed in the Cedar Log to link to the task-specific logs where those events are listed in greater detail. Example:

 00:00:23.1 Event Terminated: Monitoring

Full Events

Full events are listed in the fullest detail and are the main content of the CEDAR Log. They contain a unique event index which can be cross-referenced to any task-specific logs that also include event indexes. The index is the cumulative processing count of the event, so if an event has an index of 2, it is the second event processed by Cedar.


 00:00:01.0 2 Event Initiated: Scheduling - RESMAN Active


MATB-II Compatibility

Event numbering, as described in the Full Events section is cumulative based on the number of events processed, rather than the tag number of the XML, as it is in MATB-II. This is one reason event numbering may differ slightly from Cedar to MATB-II. Some events also output slightly different output, see the Events Guide for more information on this.

Despite the above, Cedar events very closely match the output of MATB-II, given limited caveats.

Example Log File Snippet

# 10-08-2016 20:54:00 CEDAR_2016_10082054.txt
# Events Filename: CEDAR_EVENTS.xml
 00:00:00.4 1     Event Initiated: Control 
 00:00:01.0 2     Event Initiated: Scheduling - RESMAN Active 
 00:00:23.1       Event Terminated: Monitoring


Example JSON Log File

 "rows" : [{
 "TIME": "00:00:00.4",
 "EVENT": "1",
 "TASK": "Event Initiated: Control"
 }, {
 "TIME": "00:00:01.0",
 "EVENT": "2",
 "TASK": "Event Initiated: Scheduling - RESMAN Active"
 }, {
 "TIME": "00:00:05.0",
 "TASK": "Event Terminated: Monitoring"


Example Log File Snippet Explanation

The log file begins with a header detailing the timestamp and filename of the log file, then a plain text formatted table of log entries. The JSON format variant just lists the columns and rows of the plaintext file. Column titles are not listed in the JSON variant.

Column Format Meaning
TIME 00:00:00.4 (hour:minute:second:tenth of second) The timestamp of the event in question.
EVENT Integer The cumulative Cedar processing index of the event.
TASK String A description of the task event recorded.