The SYSMON log fsuile is the System Monitoring task log, providing detailed logging information on user interaction with the task. The output file is nearly identical to the MATB-II equivalent.

MATB-II Compatibility

Complete compatibility with the caveat of some limited whitespace differences.

Example Log File Snippet

# 10-11-2016 17:51:00 SYSMON_2016_10111751.txt
# Events Filename: CEDAR_EVENTS.xml
# Timeout (in seconds): Lights = 10 Scales = 10
# RT = Response Time (in seconds)
# SYS_OK = An event for the system selected is active
 00:00:05.9 00.9   scale      one           true 
 00:00:08.8 00.8   light      green         true 
 00:00:19.0 -10.0  light      red                    - event timed out


Example JSON Log File

 "rows" : [{
 "-TIME-": "00:00:06.2",
 "-RT-": "01.2",
 "-SYSTEM-": "scale",
 "-LIGHT/SCALE-": "one",
 "-SYS_OK-": "true",
 "-REMARKS-": ""
 }, {
 "-TIME-": "00:00:08.8",
 "-RT-": "00.8",
 "-SYSTEM-": "light",
 "-LIGHT/SCALE-": "green",
 "-SYS_OK-": "true",
 "-REMARKS-": ""
 }, {
 "-TIME-": "00:00:19.0",
 "-RT-": "-10.0",
 "-SYSTEM-": "light",
 "-LIGHT/SCALE-": "red",
 "-SYS_OK-": "",
 "-REMARKS-": "- event timed out"


Example Log File Snippet Explanation

The log file begins with a header detailing the timestamp and filename of the log file, then a plain text formatted table of log entries. The timeout in seconds of the lights (in Cedar these are switches/buttons) and the scales.

The JSON format variant just lists the columns and rows of the plaintext file. Column titles are not listed in the JSON variant.

Column Format Meaning
-TIME- 00:00:00.4 (hour:minute:second:tenth of second) The timestamp of the event in question.
-RT- Floating point, format (-)00.0 The response time of the user to the event in seconds, accurate to the tenth of a second, negative if the event timed out.
-SYSTEM- scale / light Whether the event pertains to a System Monitoring Task scale or light.
-SYS_OK- true (or empty if false) Whether the user responded withing the specified period and the event did not timeout.
-REMARKS- String Any additional remarks.