While all test procedure related configuration is contained in the config file, some modifications can be made to the test environment, I/O, file loading mechanisms and file selection. Settings are persisted to the external settings.json once changed, this file is loaded on launch.


User Modifiable Configuration

Title Options Description
File (Files available) Selects the file to load from a list of files as specified by either the loaded config file or scanned in the root CEDAR app folder. Note that Reload Configuration Files must be pressed for a new file load event to occur. The loaded filename is listed on the title page below the CEDAR title if Training Mode is not enabled (in which case the training score will replace it if a score is available).
Input Format (Input formats available) Input format to load for the test files – note that Reload Configuration Files must be pressed for a new file load event to occur.
Output Format (Output formats available) Output format of log files.
Division 1 Module (Modules available for division 1 position) Selects the first (top) division module, by default this is the Communications task.
Division 2 Module (Modules available for division 2 position) Selects the second (middle) division module, by default this is the System Monitoring task.
Division 3 Module (Modules available for division 3 position) Selects the third (bottom) division module, by default this is the Resource Management task.
(Colours) (Colours available) Modifiable colour options, for more information on the meaning of each colour type, see the User Guides.
High Contrast Colours On/Off Enables/Disables high contrast colour mode – this is not recommended for extended viewing as the bright colours will irritate the eye.
Designator Part 1, 2 (A-F) Two part device designator, noted in the name and content of log files to allow multiple CEDAR devices to coexist in a test environment.
Width Offset (Width offset % available) Width offset for test session – this is to allow convenient interaction with the test screen even with a case obscuring the periphery of the tablet screen.
CAOP Mode On/Off Clear Analysis On Pause (CAOP) Mode clears the analysis logs (output as analysis.json) on OS Pause. This is useful if the OS pause function is used to delimit test serials. All other logs will still continue uncleared to allow overall analysis of the entire session – pauses are noted in the CEDAR log, so each pause event can be tracked in the log.
Output Unix Time On/Off Whether to additionally output unix timestamps in additional to relative test timing.