The RESMAN log file is the Resource Management task log, providing detailed logging information on user interaction with the task. The output file is nearly identical to the MATB-II equivalent.

MATB-II Compatibility

Complete compatibility with the caveat of some limited whitespace and case differences.

The referenced event numbering does differ slightly from MATB-II, see the CEDAR Log File document and the Events File Guide for more information.

Example Log File Snippet

# 10-11-2016 18:16:00 COMM_2016_10111816.txt
# Events Filename: CEDAR_EVENTS.xml
# Timeout (in seconds) = 10
# _T = Target, _S = Selected
# R_ = Radio, F_ = Frequency
 00:00:11.0 5       own    COM2      124.450  COM2      123.950  true      false 
 00:00:20.0 13      other  COM1      124.700  COM1      124.700  false     true


Example JSON Log File



Example Log File Snippet Explanation

The log file begins with a header detailing the timestamp and filename of the log file, then a plain text formatted table of log entries, followed by the timeout parameter of communication events (see Config File Guide for more information on setting this).

Each log row represents a Communications task event timeout or user response.

The JSON format variant just lists the columns and rows of the plaintext file. Column titles are not listed in the JSON variant.

Column Format Meaning
-TIME- 00:00:00.4 (hour:minute:second:tenth of second) The timestamp of the event in question.
-EVENT- Integer The cumulative Cedar processing event number pertaining to the row, referenced from the central CEDAR log file (see the CEDAR Log File document for more information).
-SHIP- own/other Whether the voiceover pertained to the correct (own), or other callsign. If in silent mode, this is whether the warning raised is a false warning or not.
-RADIO_T- NAV1NAV2/COM1/COM2 The target radio channel of the event.
-FREQ_T- Floating point (000.000). The target frequency of the event.
-RADIO_S- NAV1NAV2/COM1/COM2 The radio selected at the time of the log.
-FREQ_S_- Floating point (000.000). The frequency of the radio selected at the time of the log.
-FREQ_S_ true/false Whether the correct frequency was selected at the time of the log.
-F_OK- true/false Whether the user reacted the event correctly or not.