The prevalence of new technologies in virtual and simulation based systems have been prime enablers for new opportunities to increase training development effectiveness. Combining these technologies within immersive environments provides a cost-effective means to create realistic, dynamic and intelligent training scenarios that can be used in one-on-one and collaborative learning spaces, delivering high-impact and measurable training outcomes.

elmTEK’s Simulation & Training group is focussed on enabling their clients to operate within complex environments, drawing on Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) simulation elements to deliver cost-effective and coherent solutions. Whether your needs are based on education, training, safety awareness or performance assessment, there is a technology solution available that will transform your current practices.

With significant experience in the design, production and sustainment of advanced synthetic environments for Defence, elmTEK is embracing new advances in the virtual and augmented reality space as part of their holographic computing team. By morphing these technologies into proven LVC simulation environments, elmTEK can provide a more realistic experience for the participant, allowing them to interact with synthetic objects in their natural environment.



Our Track Record in Simulation

  • 3D Immersive Training & Performance Simulators

High impact interactive learning and performance assessment using 3D immersion and high fidelity graphics rendering and event sequencing using Unity Pro and Unreal 3D. Solutions have comprised of vision, audio, motion and instrumented physical assets in immersive environments.

  • Workload Stimulation & Assessment

Use of hardware agnostic software (Cedar™ OWAT) to provide increased workload for live and virtual contexts to simulate high workload scenarios and determine impact on cognitive function.

  • Collaborative Learning Environments

Exploiting immersive technologies to optimise learning experience, improve believability and experimenting with individual and group behaviours.

  •  Augmented & Mixed Reality

Integrating real-world and synthetic constructs to create powerful situational learning scenarios.

  • Systems Modelling

Characterising real-word systems at a suitable level of resolution for use in experiments using hardware and humans.


Whether on a desktop, mobile device, in a theatre or in an immersive environment, simulation provides enhanced training for a range of applications. If you have requirements that cover any of these areas, we urge you to speak to us about how we can help you.

    • Procedural & Operator Training;
    • Environment and Equipment Familiarisation;
    • Crew Resource Management and Teamwork Development;
    • Emergency Response Training;
    • Risk and Hazard Awareness, Identification and Response;
    • Competency Based Training;
    • Engineering Design; or
    • Design of Experiments.