elmTEK has established a holographic computing team that is ready to build mixed reality applications, embracing the very best that the latest technology can off er with the combined benefits of augmentation and immersion. Our team of experts comprise game artists (design 2-D and 3D animated characters, environments and supporting graphics) and animators with specific experience in Unity Pro and Microsoft’s HoloLens hardware suite. The holographic computing team forms part of our Simulation & Training line of business, leveraging broader skills and techniques in the use of virtual and constructive simulation technologies to develop highly engaging and interactive holographic content for your business requirements.

We are actively promoting the potential of this technology in the following areas:


Our professional suite of tools include Unity Pro, 3DS MAX, Adobe Creative Suite and Visual Studio

    • Education: Augmenting the classroom environment with virtual and interactive 3D stimuli and other learning aides;
    • Collaboration: Optimise collaboration through multi-user, multi-perspective teams;
    • Operational Training: Improve training and tactics development by augmenting operational environment with operationally relevant content; and
    • After Action Review: Virtual reconstruction of live events across many disciplines where the native environment can be used.