Bespoke Systems

elmTEK specialises in the development of bespoke software systems targeting experimentation, operational or training contexts which reduce operator workload, improve process/product quality and minimise the turnaround time between raw inputs and information delivery. We achieve this through the application of signal and image processing techniques, distributed computing architectures, workflow optimisation and data management methods. Where practical, we make use of off-the-shelf sensor and communications technologies and open source products to reduce development costs and increase speed to market. Importantly we adopt open interfaces to avoid problems associated with vendor lock-in.

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We’re Agile

The journey is just as important as the end products and outcomes. Software development sits at the core of all our work and in this regard we employ an agile development methodology to deliver frequent iterations of useable software; this could be anything from stakeholder concept demonstrations through to broad-scale end-user testing. The purpose of frequent delivery is to reduce development risk and ultimately to ensure the delivery of a fit-for-purpose system through early and on-going validation.

Process Assured

For many of our projects, process assurance is a vital component of the engineering lifecycle and this is especially true for safety-related systems which require the necessary lifecycle data to support accreditation activities and to ensure seamless transition into service. Our personnel are familiar with the use of the ISO/IEC 12207 software engineering process standard as well as employment of RTCA DO-178B/C software assurance standard. Our DO-178B/C experience stems primarily from the work we have done with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as well as delivery of software safety training courses to clients in Australia and New Zealand. Our staff have held Engineering Authority (EA) for software design, development and review in both acquisition and sustainment contexts and we have been principally involved in the development of the Software Integrity Management Plan (SIMP) and underpinning software development procedures in accordance with the RAAF Technical Airworthiness Management Manual (TAMM).

Case Studies

Signature Measurement System supports the development of automatic and hybrid Threat Warning (TW) capability with Missile Warning Systems (MWS) and Hostile Fire Indication (HFI) systems.
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