Select a user guide for your Cedar app use-case. The Test Configuration User Guide contains more technical information about the operation of Cedar, while the MATB-II Legacy guide should be read by those moving from the NASA MATB-II system to Cedar.

If you require further support or assistance configuring Cedar for your use case, contact us here.

User Type User Manual
Test Subject Cedar Test Subject User Guide
MATB-II Legacy User Legacy MATB-II Cedar User Guide
Test Configuration Cedar Test Configuration User Guide

User Modifiable Configuration Settings

IO Events File Guide
IO Config File Guide

IO CEDAR Log File Guide
IO COMMS Log File Guide
IO SYSMON Log File Guide
IO RESMAN Log File Guide


File Sample Download
Config and Events files in JSON and XML
Sample Log files – output from a standard 5 min MATB event run. This sample includes both MATB-II and Cedar output from the same test run.
Settings JSON output example. This file is auto-generated on any setting change within Cedar – but can be written to before the app is run.